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Who Are We?

Meister Law Offices Criminal Defense
Twenty-year criminal lawyer Steve Meister is the principal of the firm. An experienced, tough and highly regarded defense attorney, Steve is also a former Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney who specialized in homicide and sexual assault cases as a prosecutor. Steve brings his vast courtroom experience to every case, and has tried (first chair) virtually every type of felony and misdemeanor criminal case. Steve’s clients have included doctors, lawyers, executives, government officials, professors, lobbyists, entertainment figures, professional and college athletes, police officers and firefighters, among many others.


Steve Meister is not only well known and highly esteemed in legal circles, but he is turned to by other defense attorneys nationwide for instruction and advice on successful criminal defense. Steve is a national instructor on DUI defense, criminal case trial tactics, and other topics, and has also taught legal ethics for many years. He has been called one of the leading criminal law authorities in the country.

Meister Law Clients Include:

  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Executives
  • Government Officials
  • Police Officers

  • Professors
  • Lobbyists
  • Entertainment Figures
  • Professional and College Athletes
  • And Firefighters among many others