Federal Criminal Defense

Be it an indictment, a search warrant, a grand jury subpoena, or even a knock on the door from an FBI agent wanting to chat, any federal law enforcement interest in you is an enormously serious thing and must be treated that way from the outset, by you and your federal criminal defense lawyer. The federal government has enormous investigative and prosecutorial power, as anyone who has come under federal criminal scrutiny can attest. The scope and sweep of federal criminal law is very broad, covering everything from RICO violations (the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act, invoked to combat organized crime), to insider trading, securities fraud, money laundering, Social Security fraud, Medicare fraud, mail and wire fraud, human trafficking, alien harboring and alien smuggling, child pornography and computer/Internet offenses, narcotics trafficking, tax crimes, violations of federal Acts covering endangered species, transportation, aviation, railroads and more.

Felony Criminal Defense

The Meister Law Offices have extensive experience, on both the defense side and prosecution side, and are known throughout Los Angeles County and beyond as tough, hard-charging, professional and tireless felony criminal defense attorneys. Our firm has conducted trials in virtually every felony known to the Penal Code, including death penalty cases, murder, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter, all sexual crimes, rape, child molestation and sexual assault, kidnapping, robbery, residential burglary, commercial burglary, carjacking, identity theft, workers’ compensation fraud, insurance fraud, drug possession, drug sales, possession for sale, torture, mayhem, special circumstances, gang allegations, firearms and weapons offenses.

DUI and DMV Defense

Over the past twenty years, DUI enforcement has become a major legislative, policy and law enforcement priority nationwide. The dangers of drunk driving have been burned into the national consciousness, and while no one argues the validity of this, it means that if you are arrested for DUI, you are facing a giant, complex, multifaceted wall of opposition from the law, the courts, and DMV, and having the best DUI defense attorneys at your side has to be your top priority.

White Collar Criminal Defense

These days, the media and public seem ready to blame any alleged white collar offender for all the world’s problems and condemn an individual or company to harsh, swift punishment, regardless of the facts or history. At the Meister Law Offices, we never forget that good people have rights, too, that successful individuals are not the enemy of our society but rather its great allies, and we know that for a person or company facing a white collar criminal investigation or prosecution, the potential consequences can be nothing short of catastrophic.

Misdemeanor Criminal Defense

Just because a crime is not a felony does not make it any less serious. Misdemeanors exist on the books of local cities, the State of California, and even the federal government. A misdemeanor, by definition, is a criminal offense that carries up to one year in County Jail in the event of conviction. Significant fines, in the thousands of dollars, can also be assessed, along with days or weeks of community service, physical labor, and many other conditions of probation. The requirement of restitution to crime victims applies just as much in misdemeanor cases as it does in felony cases. Misdemeanor convictions go on a person’s permanent record, and in one form or another they stay there forever. So, at the Meister Law Offices, we know that misdemeanors demand the same attention and forceful, effective advocacy as any other case. That is our philosophy, commitment and experience in representing individuals and companies accused of misdemeanor crimes.