Why the Meister Law Offices are the Right Choice for You

First, we treat every client as an individual, not a case, and certainly not as a criminal. The police and prosecutors we see every day brand every person who stumbles into their world as a criminal; you deserve for your lawyer to not treat you that way. We get to know the whole person, not just the person the police may suspect of a crime. Second, we quickly learn every corner of your case and your defense from the get-go, by studying all the evidence carefully, and keeping in close touch with you about every aspect. Third, we work effectively with law enforcement and prosecutors to obtain information, show them the good person you are, aggressively advance your interests in whatever way is most appropriate and effective, and we stay focused on your goals and needs. And fourth, we fight tooth and nail in court, never submitting to unfair treatment, always surrounding you with legal protection and support, and sticking with you the whole way through, to a successful conclusion, so you can leave the nightmare of a criminal investigation or prosecution behind you and get back to living your life the way you have a right to. That’s how we help our clients, every day.

Feeling the Glare of Bad Publicity?

A criminal investigation or prosecution, even one which results in no filing of charges, or a complete finding of innocence, can threaten a successful, hardworking individual with financial and personal ruin. Your destruction is not an option! Your being fed to the media wolves at the urging of a zealous prosecutor will absolutely not be tolerated. Fortunately, the Meister Law Offices bring extensive experience in high profile cases to the service of our clients. Steve is a frequent media commentator on television and radio news stations in Los Angeles, and is regularly on air as an expert legal analyst. Interviews about his cases, as well as matters on which he was commenting as an expert, have appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and on Fox News, all television and radio stations in Los Angeles, National Public Radio, and Sirius Satellite Radio.


Meister Law Offices Criminal Defense

Many of Steve’s cases have received widespread media coverage, including those involving murder, racketeering, serial sexual assault, eavesdropping, narcotics, political corruption and fraud. With over 300 live television and radio appearances to his credit, Steve Meister knows how to leverage press coverage to clients benefit, as well as how to discreetly handle any case in which a prominent client would be better served through minimal or no coverage at all.