Steve Meister’s philosophical and professional approach to California cannabis industry clients has grown out of decades of criminal defense experience, and extensive and pioneering work in healthcare criminal law compliance.  That approach and the best advice:  Know the law, stay in compliance and out of trouble, and don’t go broke in the effort.

But Steve doesn’t represent every cannabis client who knocks on the door.  This is because Steve is not a corporate lawyer, or real estate lawyer, the kind many startup cannabis clients or existing businesses want for routine licensing or operational matters.

Instead, Steve provides a unique service to cannabis clients and their counsel and consultants:  Criminal Law Compliance.  He protects a business by working closely with its existing protectors - counsel and consultants.  This is a service most lawyers and consultants can’t readily provide, because they haven’t lived the law from the criminal defense side, like Steve has.  

Steve’s work complements and supports the work already begun by a business’ existing team.  He looks at every aspect of a new or operating business through the eyes of the investigators, auditors, regulators and anyone else who could become adversaries to the business if they were looking at the same moment.  This is what Steve’s background in criminal defense and healthcare compliance uniquely qualify him to do, efficiently, with minimal additional cost to a business, and in harmony with its existing team.  

Steve’s observations, insights, findings and recommendations help a business ensure criminal law compliance in advance of trouble, enable a business to correctly identify issues and problems it may not otherwise be aware of, and it helps business owners and their team minimize the risk of problems.  It is the reason so many counsel and consultants look to Steve as a resource and as a separate “set of eyes” in helping their clients achieve and maintain full legal compliance.

Contact the Meister Law Offices at 213.293.3737 for this special assistance if you are a cannabis based business, or a business’ counsel or consultant.  Protect the investment. Add an important between-the-teeth look at how a business is forming or operating.  Supplement preparation or daily operation with an essential layer of compliance - criminal law compliance.