Steve Meister pioneered proactive compliance assessments for doctors who prescribe controlled drugs such as painkillers.  Steve has taught hundreds of physicians in California and throughout the country about the law of controlled drug prescribing, guidelines for safe medical practice, legal issues in prescribing, and how medical providers can lower risk to patients and themselves by making prescribing decisions that are legally sound and medically safe.  

Steve continues to offer these services through his consulting company, ScripRight Healthcare Consultants, LLC.  For more information about healthcare provider education, continuing medical education and proactive compliance assessments, see ScripRight or call Steve or his ScripRight partner Shuli Suman at 213.443.6162, or you can write them at

Steve is a firm believer, based on extensive experience as a defense lawyer, that the best thing a healthcare provider can do to protect patients and the medical practice is to proactively be in compliance with all applicable laws.  

In 100% of cases where a healthcare provider has contacted Steve before a criminal case was charged -even where a criminal investigation was already underway - Steve’s clients have avoided prosecution altogether. 

If you, your medical practice, your staff or employee, or if you’re an insurer, your insured is in criminal trouble or under investigation for anything related to how they are practicing medicine or running a hospital or other healthcare entity, call the Meister Law Offices today at 213.293.3737.

For continuing medical education, and proactive compliance assessment services, contact Steve or Shuli at ScripRight.; 213.443.6162.