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Criminal defense attorneys exist because when a person finds himself or herself in the cross-hairs of the justice system or a police investigation, nothing is more frightening and potentially more freedom-threatening and life-altering than the prospect of being charged with a crime. And when you or a loved one or close friend is arrested or might be in trouble, you immediately need a criminal defense lawyer who will build a wall of protection around you and fight ferociously to make you safe, free and unharmed. The Meister Law Offices has over 20 years’ experience in criminal law. Let our offices help you or someone important to you, in what can be one of the most profound, traumatic, dangerous situations a person under criminal scrutiny can face.

Experienced, Learned and Tough

Principal Steve Meister is a highly regarded, tough, caring and aggressive veteran defense attorney as well as a distinguished former Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney. Steve Meister has been called “one of the leading criminal law authorities in the country,” and he lectures to defense attorneys and civil attorneys in subjects including DUI, legal ethics, criminal trial practice, federal criminal defense practice, social media and criminal defense, domestic violence, and other topics.

Widely Known, Respected and Trusted

TV viewers and radio listeners throughout Southern California have for years turned to Steve Meister for on-air, understandable legal analysis of criminal cases in the news. You can link to video clips of Steve Meister’s work as a television legal analyst in Los Angeles, to see the high caliber of work and experience the Meister Law Offices provide.

Big Case Experience, While Putting Each Client First, Every Time

The Meister Law Offices have extensive experience in television and radio and in high profile criminal cases, and we know how to face down the most hostile microphone and protect our clients’ privacy and interests against marauding media. For additional examples of our firm’s experience in numerous high profile cases and the ways in which we protect our clients not only in court but also in the papers, on TV and radio and online.

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