Steve Meister has extensive experience, on both the defense side and prosecution side, and are known throughout Los Angeles County and beyond as a tough, hard-charging, professional and tireless felony criminal defense attorney.  He has conducted trials in virtually every felony known to the Penal Code, including death penalty cases, murder, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter, all sexual crimes, rape, child molestation and sexual assault, kidnapping, robbery, residential burglary, commercial burglary, carjacking, identity theft, workers’ compensation fraud, insurance fraud, drug possession, drug sales, possession for sale, torture, mayhem, special circumstances, gang allegations, firearms and weapons offenses.

Clients Are Able To Avoid Being Charged With A Crime

It is critical that you arm yourself with the best weapon you have – an excellent defense lawyer – the minute you learn you are under investigation.

Don’t wait until the cuffs are on, or the arrest warrant is served, or you are hauled into court, to get a lawyer. At the Meister Law Offices, we have years of success and experience helping clients get “rejects” from prosecutors, that is, clients are able to avoid being charged with a crime altogether. But it doesn’t happen by itself; it takes smart and disciplined work by your defense lawyer and you to reach out to the police immediately, build a rapport with the detective and prosecutor investigating your case, know what suspicion and evidence they have, build a defense case, and persuade the authorities to leave you alone. Remember: The presumption of innocence only applies, in the eyes of the law, if you’re actually charged with a crime. Often, the very best time to fight is before you’re ever charged, when the prosecutor and detective are contemplating things but haven’t made up their minds. That’s the time for you and your lawyer to strike.

It is critical that you arm yourself with the best weapon you have – an excellent defense lawyer – the minute you learn you are under investigation.

And if you are already charged? How do you ensure that you’ll be released on your own recognizance or admitted to a reasonable, non-excessive, bail? How do you ensure that a prosecutor’s office doesn’t overcharge you, or try to scare you into pleading guilty against flimsy, vulnerable evidence? How do you know you are mounting the very best fight in court, and what alternatives might there be to fighting, that don’t require capitulation or loss of liberty or livelihood? How do you tell your side of the story, and get justice? How do you maneuver effectively through the court system, when each time in court it feels like you’re stuck in an overseas airport with no flight information and no one who speaks your language? How do you make sure this turns out right for you?

This is how clients feel, these are their questions, when they are charged with serious felonies and brought before the justice system. At the Meister Law Offices, we will explain it all, because knowledge is power. We will protect you in court, and will be your bulwark against the onslaught of government resources and official accusation hurled at you. We will never let you become a prosecutor’s piñata, and we will fight to obtain for you the very best, optimum result, bringing all the resources we can and all the tools the law offers, on your behalf.


Protect Yourself Against A Government Juggernaut

Meister Law, Experienced Defense Counsel

If you are charged with a crime, or are under any kind of investigation by any law enforcement agency, don’t take a chance on your future or your safety and freedom! Contact a felony criminal defense attorney from the Meister Law Offices, the minute you learn you are the subject of police interest, to protect yourself and those you care about from dangerous felony charges and their grave potential consequences.